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We are a small and independent shirt maker based out of San Francisco. Our expertise includes both made-to-measure dress shirts and ready-to-wear button-up shirts.

All of our ready-to-wear shirts are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in California. We have a very close relationship with every person in our production chain. At some point, each person involved in the manufacturing of our shirts has gone out of their way to help us get this venture off the ground. Our custom fit shirts are handmade in Newark, New Jersey by a 3rd generation family business that has specialized in custom shirt making for over 75 years. The result of this relationship is that you are getting a shirt of exceptional quality.

We promise never to chase trends, but to modernize the timeless button-up shirt. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. You will always receive a prompt response from one of the company's three founding members.

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