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  1. Michael Pirard

    Michael Pirard Plus Brussels


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    Cinematographer, Director of photography, Cameraman,... since 2004. Working in commercials, television, shorts, videoclips and auto-productions.

  2. Professor Von Shoop

    Professor Von Shoop Plus Brussels


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    'Friedrich Von Shoop is the smartest shoop of the universe. He knows absolutely everything.' Albert E. He also loves to produce short films and other interesting artistic projects! Prof was at the source of the 'Collectifff' project: a bunch of crazy aspiring directors and…

  3. I-TRACK media

    I-TRACK media PRO 11 rue de caumartin 75009 PARIS


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    SOIGNEZ VOS IMAGES DE MARQUE... I-Track Media est une agence de production audiovisuelle, multiculturelle, associant des talents complémentaires autour d’une même obsession : l’image. Notre mission est d’apporter un souffle d’avant garde aux films de nos clients…

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