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Maddie Dai is an artist hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, who has spent the last six years traveling from Hong Kong, to Vermont, USA to Oxford, UK, and finally to New York City, where she will be living from June 2014. In May 2014, she completed her undergraduate degree in Ethics and Studio Art from Middlebury College, Vermont. From June onwards, she will work at Purpose, where she will be interning in the Creative Development department.

Her art consists mostly on illustration, watercolor painting, ink design, 3D computer animation and other forms of animated movement.

Looking forward, she hopes to pursue a career in animated films, given her experience in 3D modeling, lighting, conceptual design and character design. In 2012 she wrote and directed the animated short film, The Treasure Hunters. In May 2014 she was the artistic director for another 3D computer animated film, 11 Paper Place.

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