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Dancer,Choreographer and Shutter Bug

Carlos Funn a.k.a GRACE Is a dancer and drummer from Richmond, Va, who received his BFA in dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998. His background in dance includes inner-city dance styles (Hip-hop), house, African, Capoeria, Tiger & Crane Kung fu, in addition to training in modern dance and Ballet. Funn has twice received scholarships to attend The American Dance Festival (ADF) in Durham, North Carolina.

He studied with Ron Brown/Evidence while at ADF and also while still at Virginia Commonwealth University, and has also studied and performed with Earl Mosley of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Additionally, Funn performed with Maia Claire Garrison and choreographed a work for her company, MZawa Dance. In 1997, Funn worked with Ralph Lemon to develop Geography, which he performed at Yale Repertory Theater, Walker Art Center, the State Theater of Minnesota, Duke University, University of Texas at Austin and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. As part of the Geography cast, Funn also participated in numerous Community activities.

Following these experiences, in 1998 Funn traveled with Lemon in conjunction with the Atlantic Center for the Arts to Japan. There he participated as an associate artist in the Atlantic Center for the Arts Japan /U.S. Exchange Program at the Akiyoshidia Art Village. Upon returning Funn rejoined Lemon for Part two of Geography ( Geography:Tree ). Funn has also presented his work at Dance Space Washington D.C. Funn continues to investigate the cross pollination of dance styles as well as synergy of formalized dance and the content coming from the urban street influence which he calls Modern House Essentials.

His next goal is to use this in a multi-arts presentation that represents the raw nature of the human soul and its desperate attempt to communicate feelings of loss, joy and empower meet of the human spirit.

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