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Hi I’m Michael Jordan, No, not the basketball player. You can call me Jazzy McJ. I was born in the heart of Music City Nashville, and was fated to pursue music and all of its splendors. I first started playing music when I was 13. The first instrument I played was bass but I quickly moved to guitar. In high school I played for a punk band called Stik Figure (w/ Taylor and Jon). We broke up at the end of high school and moved on to form other projects. In college I co-founded a group with Jacob and Nick called Diga and we played all over Nashville. Jacob and Nick are both better guitar players than me so I put down my guitar and moved on to keys. Playing keys is where I found my center in music, so I continued to play them after Diga broke up.
Some of my biggest influences are Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, Umphrey’s Mcgee, and Willie Nelson. I feel these artists and I preach similar messages. All you need is love, and you shouldn’t get rapped up in you material surroundings. Be glad to be you and help others find peace within their selves.
I love to write songs and experiment with effects and tones and push the boundaries of music while keeping it simple and catchy. I got my degree in Audio Engineering because I felt it was more important to study the 19,980 frequencies we can hear as humans, instead of the 12 notes you can play on an instrument. I got my degree from SAE in Nashville, and it was well worth it. I co-founded The Elevaders to help find new and better ways to twist music into something we’ve never heard before. I’ll keep making music and testing its boundaries until the day I die.

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