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I was born January in the 90´s.

Student of Lasallian schools.

I´m mordant & love irony.I am interested in technology and society issues.Crude & Bizarre by nature.

My phrase is:

“First I think, therefore I am ‘. -Descartes -

“I am I and my circumstance, and if it does not save it I can not save me.” -Ortega y Gasset -

I reside in the Caribbean, a place of great contrasts, multicultural, a place influenced by many migratory flows and ideas.Hope someday to live in Australia, so am I, a little bit of everything.

A lover of technology, new trends and everything about what I make life more confortable.Recently Twitter, blogger wannabe, although only a personal hobby and share what interests me.

Interested in world affairs, society, at the time, now and relevant events that have changed mankind. Fascinated with languages and cultures different from mine around the world and their way of being there. I know English, French and a little bit Swedden … lol .. Lie, Japanese.

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