Repaid In Blood

San Jose, CA

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Repaid In Blood is a California metal band, whose roots are firmly planted in death metal and metalcore. Taking the best of both subgenres, Repaid In Blood blend crushing riffs, searing solos, ball-shattering breakdowns, and melodic interludes that linger in the mind and humming later.

Repaid In Blood is a metal band that started in 2006, from the Bay Area Ca. The name was taken from a lyric off The Black Dahlia Murder's first full-length album, Unhallowed. The name is an expression of violence in its purest form, vengeance. Victor Hernandez and Jake Burrman formed the band in high school. They soon found another founding member in Rich Sharman, who began on guitar, but later switched to bass. Years later; Repaid In Blood rounded out the current lineup with Juan Galvez on drums, and Mike Knittel on lead guitar. Repaid In Blood are serious about the music they create, but always have fun in doing so. Whether it is about kid’s cereal, zombies, comic books, Game Of Thrones or peeing on you, you are guaranteed to take something away from Repaid In Blood.

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