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Ascension Recordings & Publications is encouraging artists to share their creativity, in their local and in global communities, by providing the tools necessary to be heard and seen. We believe music, art, and creative literature enrich our communities. Our goal is to inspire artists to chase their dreams. Ascension is a family that promotes collaboration, networking, and opportunity. Our mission is to facilitate a positive environment for creative productivity and thereby improve one’s quality of life.We are starting out small but we will reach the ears and eyes of the world.Although we will continue to grow, we will always stay true to ourselves. We will never let our decisions be compromised by greed. We follow the Golden Rule; do unto others as we would want done unto ourselves. We keep the best interests of the artists at the forefront. By doing so, we are keeping our best interests in mind.In the next year we will be developing the publication part of Ascension by way of a zine. In three years we will have headquarters. In five years our national infrastructure will be in operation. Lastly, in seven years we will be operating internationally. Not only will we be serving the public in our home community, but we will be serving communities worldwide

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