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INFRAME TV is a web channel that documents creative process; the work behind the work of leading creative practitioners. Featuring interviews with established and emerging talent in a variety of fields, we look beyond the narrow margins of an object-obsessed culture to put creative processes in the spotlight.

Through interviews, short films and articles, INFRAME TV presents a broad view of creativity from inspiration through to completion. Our aim is to demystify creative processes to help overcome creative blocks, catalyse new collaborations and inspire dialogue between disciplines. As our archive grows, we hope that it will function as a tool for people to refine their own personal practices.

We believe that some of the best insights into creativity can be found in unexpected places. Whether through reflection, sparks of inspiration or simply good timing, our aim is to document creativity when and wherever we find it. Our content is developed collaboratively between a group of filmmakers, writers and researchers based in Melbourne, Australia.

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