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It seems that I have possessed a good eye for dynamic composition and lighting from a young age - whether it be drawing pictures on my binders at school, taking moody snapshots with my mothers Kodak Instamatic camera on vacations, or creative filmmaking when late in my teens I became involved in shooting editing and producing movies with first my fathers GAF 8mm camera and later my own Canon Super 8mm sound camera. I am sure that genetics and influence have had an impact on my creativety - with my mothers constant doodling on paper and exposure to a great wealth of photos that she had created to document the life of her family and friends - the exposure I have had to experimental filmmaking and a large body of works of art by my mothers brother who has been a prominent Canadian artist since the 1960's, and another equally talented artistic uncle who I admired until he died at an early age - my younger brother also being a great influence with his incredible talent as an artist and cartoonist.

My first paid photographic commission came in 1979 and the success of that job led to a steady flow of work that has continued to this day. Photography provides the same thrill today as it did those many years ago. I believe this is largely due to my constant endeavors at keeping my imagery fresh and relevant - not relying on old standards or traditions. You may notice that there are many facets to the images on this website - including a fashion style, a documentary and sometimes editorial feel, and an artistic fine art look - along with quality portraits that are more formal in nature. Each commissioned photographic session is treated uniquely so that the resulting images reflect your life and personality.

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