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Hi, “BeMelt - creative design” is the formula that combines our imagination and passion for the interior design. We are Massimo and Grazia Di Mauro, 2 brothers, both architects, born in a small Italian village in Puglia. Although our personalities are different, we are both fascinated by art and creativity, that enable us to design our projects. After studying and working in Milan and Barcelona, but always in love with our country, it’s London where our professional careers met again and where our inspirations mixed up with the stimulating everyday life giving shape to a young and fresh design. Led by researches, our design process aims at sustainable solutions for their recyclable and renewable materials, the flexible use, the expressivity and the inclusive approach towards suggestions from natural world. BE-MELT gets this chance to let you discover its ideas and aspires to surprise and have fun with you by stimulating your imagination, your childhood maybe…

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