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The Music Network is Australia’s #1 source for music industry news and information, and has been for 15 years.

It’s the music industry’s weekly source of radio airplay charts and statistics, music sales data, both physical and digital, tour and live event information, industry and global news and feature articles impacting the music industry at large. It’s the industry’s only independent ‘tip sheet’ for new music reviews to radio, retail and other media outlets.

In recent years the global music market has undergone significant change, driven primarily by the way people consume and interact with music. The Music Network now truly reflects this rapidly changing local and international music scene, offering a deeper perspective on digital consumption and media, music marketing, the measurement of popularity and the multifaceted live music industry.

The new Music Network offers unique and timely insights into the Australian music industry, making it relevant to all sectors and an imperative read for those in the business of music.

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