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Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

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James Smith. 20. Surf. Skate. Music. Environmental Engineering student.

Got a GoPro Hero3+ at the start of 2014 and have loved getting outside to shoot just about anything I can.

Never been into videography or photography but since getting my GoPro I've found a passion for sharing what I do outdoors with just about anyone willing to watch it.

Self educated in the ways of shooting video, I just started by watching a whole lot of GoPro videos on youtube and culminating all the different techniques I've seen and tried to emulate them my videos. I've had to research the different components of video and photo editing since GoPro released the software update which allows you to play around with ISO, exposure, Sharpness etc...

I shoot mainly 1080p 60fps or 720p 100/120fps with CAM RAW. I've learnt that the larger file sizes mean you can play around with the colours in post production, however, my computer is far to slow to support anything like brought out by Sony or Adobe, even the GoPro studio is difficult to use on my computer but I prefer it over any other software because it allows you to play around with the quality of the footage the easiest.

I love to shoot anything in the water; whether it be surfing, booging, just mucking around bodysurfing or spearfishing and jetskiing. I've done a little bit of skate editing with one of my mates who wanted to make a couple videos but anything that involves sport/being outdoors and has the capacity for a compact POV camera, I will have my GoPro.

I'm about to leave for Brazil so hopefully I will be able to come back and fill out this vimeo profile with a few footvolley, skimboard, skateboard, bodyboard, surfing, cliff jumping and hiking videos.

NOTE: You can see the progression of my shooting skills and video editing skills in the progression of my videos. Remember I only started doing both at the beginning of the year and I think the videos have progressed pretty well considering the footage and timeline.

Cheers, I hope you enjoy my channel!


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