Victor Cubillos

Santiago de Chile

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Born in Madrid in 1976, he studied Journalism in Santiago de Chile and a Master of Arts (MA) in Film Theory at the Freie University of Berlin, Germany.
In 2010 his first feature film, "April 31st" was premiere at the Festival of Independent Cinema of Buenos Aires BAFICI. Later, “April 31st" was part of the national competition in the International Film Festival of Santiago, SANFIC 6. The director received a honorable mention and the film an Audience Award. In 2010-2011 he produced and directed his second feature film "Ulises Morales". In 2011, the film won the Work in Progress Award at SANFIC 7 and it will have it’s Premiere at the International Competition of this festival in august 2012. Today, Victor Cubillos is developing a TV serie and his new filmscript in Berlin.
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