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-After graduating from Art High School in 1987, Cristiano Donzelli works for the Comic Book company Granata Press.
-In 1997 he is involved on various different Italian television productions. This gave him unparalleled insights into the SFX and creative aspects of the film-making process, working mostly with the greatest Italian television movie directors, Alberto Negrin.
During this time Cristiano also works for large American productions in Italy, creating storyboards for the movies “Double Team”, directed by the greatest asian producer and director Tzui Hark and “Titus” directed by the american theatre director Julie Taymor. On this occasion he had the good fortune to work with the three times Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti and to cultivate a very good professional relationship with him.
-In 1998 Cristiano goes to Los Angeles to work with the Oscar-winning Eugenio Zanetti on the movie “The Haunting” directed by Jan De Bont and produced by Steven Spielberg. In this period Cristiano is involved in various projects, including music videos, animations and commercials and he draws the storyboard for Levi’s Jeans working closely with Michael Bay, the famous director of the "Transformers" film trilogy.
During this period Cristiano also creates with Tanino Liberatore, the design of the characters for a French animation TV serial, “The G-Shifters”.
-A year later, in 1999, Cristiano moves back to Italy, to draw the storyboard for “U-571” directed by Jonathan Mostow, “The Order” directed by the Oscar-winning Brian Helgeland, and “Gangs of New York” directed by the Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese. On this last movie he collaborates again with Dante Ferretti designing with him the sets and the scenography of the movie.
-After that, in 2003, Cristiano is called to work in London by the most famous cult movies director, Ridley Scott and he realizes the storyboard for the colossal “The Kingdom of Heaven”.

-In the year 2004, Cristiano Donzelli produces, writes and directs his first film, “A wolves’ Tale”, and involves in this project the most famous italian actor, Franco Nero. The films wins two important international prizes as best short film, the "TOHorror Film Fest" in Italy and "A Night of Horror International Film Festival" in Australia. In this period Cristiano starts a parallel career as TV commercial director and realizes around thirty commercials broadcasted on RAI, the main National Italian Television.
-In 2006 Cristiano receives the IV° edition "Special Visual Art Award" by the "Premio Villa Rosa" association for "...his extraordinary ability and talent, his technique and capacity that makes him one of the the top italian talents".
In the same year Cristiano is awarded again during the XI° International Cinematographer Prize "Gianni Di Venanzio" for "...the masterpices he has realized in the international movie industry".
- In 2008 Spike Lee wants Cristiano involved as visualizer and storyboard artist in his movie “Miracle at St. Anna”. A sample of these boards are published on the "making of" book of the movie where Spike Lee says that Cristiano Donzelli is a very talented artist and the best one he has worked with.
In the following years Cristiano directs many TV commercials and music videos, one of them if for the very famous italian singer, Grazia Di Michele.
He also continues his career as storyboard artist working with the Oscar-winnin Gabriele Salvatores for his movie "Educazione Siberiana", the Oscar- winning Paul Haggis for his movie "Third Person" and the "V for Vendetta" cult movie director, James McTeigue who wants Cristiano draw the storyboards for his movie " Caserta Palace Dream" and have him to be the second unit director.
-In 2004 Cristiano is awarded again during the very famous Flaiano Film Festival. He receives the "I° Codice Citra Prize" for his excellence in the field of Cinema and for his brillant career and success.
-In the year 2015 Cristiano is involved in the remake of the big colossal "Ben Hur" directed by Timur Bekmambetov, "Risen" directed by the cult director Kevin Reynolds and, after that, he works closely with Ben Stiller realizing the storyboard of his last movie "Zoolander 2".

- Resumè as Illustrator and Storyboard artist.

2016 Zoolander 2 (storyboard artist)
2016 Ben-Hur (storyboard artist)
2016 Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (storyboard artist)
2016 Risen (storyboard artist)
2014 Si accettano miracoli (storyboard artist)
2014 Caserta Palace Dream (storyboard artist)
2013/II Romeo & Juliet (storyboard artist)
2013 Third Person (storyboard artist)
2013 Educazione siberiana (storyboard artist)
2013 Il principe abusivo (storyboard artist)
2010 The American (storyboard artist)
2010 L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo (storyboard artist)
2009 Mi ricordo Anna Frank (storyboard artist)
2009 Pane e libertà (storyboard artist)
2008 Il cosmo sul comò (storyboard artist)
2008 Miracle at St. Anna (storyboard artist)
2008 K. the bandit (storyboard artist)
2007 Two Tigers (storyboard artist)
2007 L'ultimo dei Corleonesi (storyboard artist)
2006 Nativity (storyboard artist)
2006 Antonio guerriero di Dio (storyboard artist)
2006 Gino Bartali - L'intramontabile (storyboard artist)
2005 Giovanni Paolo II (storyboard artist)
2005 Rome (storyboard artist)
2005 Kingdom of Heaven (storyboard artist)
2005 Il cuore nel pozzo (storyboard artist)
2003 Imperium: Augusto (storyboard artist)
2003 Under the Tuscan Sun (storyboard artist)
2003 The Order (storyboard artist)
2003 Ics (storyboard artist)
2003 My House in Umbria (storyboard artist)
2002 Gangs of New York (storyboard artist - uncredited)
2002 Perlasca: Un eroe italiano (storyboard artist)
2001 PC and the Web (storyboard artist)
2001 In Love and War (storyboard artist - uncredited)
2001 Mari del sud (storyboard artist)
1999 Nanà) (storyboard artist)
1999 Titus (storyboard artist)
1999 Terra bruciata (storyboard artist)
1999 Excellent Cadavers (storyboard designer)
1999 Simpatico (storyboard artist )
1999 Haunting - Presenze (conceptual illustrator)
1998 Doppio segreto (storyboard artist)
1998 Il cielo sotto il deserto (storyboard artist)
1997 Double Team (illustrator)

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