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Francis is a DJ and producer from Moscow, Russia. His style is tech house combined with electro, and he is a smooth mixer with just the right touch of effects. He has a way of building up his set until the crowd goes absolutely wild! He became seriously interested in electronic music in 1998 and was inspired by the legendary Sven Vath. Francis started DJing in 2000. Over the past 10 years, Francis has developed his own unique mixing style while having the ability to feel the crowd and rock the dancefloor!

Francis began producing music also in 2000, and in 2009 he signed a contract with Fantasia Recordings from Chicago and had his first release with them. In late 2009 he signed a contract with AudioBite Records from Detroit. His releases with AudioBite have received a lot of airplay and recognition from many notable DJs, including Miss Nine, Marcella, Ingo Vogelmann, Roell Sapphire, Michael and Levan, Hypnotic Duo, DJ Slang, Xaric, Pablo Acenso, and many more. Francis is also a regular guest DJ on AudioBite’s weekly radio show that is aired every Friday night on, a house music station from Germany. In 2010 Francis signed a contract with Tasty Bytes Records from Los Angeles. His first release with Tasty Bytes reached a Top 100 slot in Beatport. He also makes regular DJ Charts for Beatport’s website. He has many releases coming up this year with both AudioBite Records and Tasty Bytes Records. Francis is a both a DJ and producer on the rise!

Die Kamille is a DJ and producer from Moscow. She was born in 1983. She became interested in music as a child, and started to take a great interest in electronic music in the late nineties. Her music is emotional and electrifying, with charges of positive energy. Her tracks are mysterious with hidden meanings. She prefers progressive grooves and as likes to experiment styles!

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