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Ted & Debbie met in the darkrooms of U.C.L.A. many years ago. On their first date they went bowling and had cheeseburgers at The Apple Pan. Their relationship has seen the advent of fax machines and cell phones. They remember what it is like to walk through airport security with their shoes on and use the bank of pay phones in the lobby of the Conde' Nast building in New York.
Their work has taken them to Bora Bora, San Miguel d'Allende, Snowqualime Falls, and Hoboken. Along the way, they got married on an island off the coast of Puerto Rico and somehow managed to have 5 boys while sharing 1 big bedroom. They like shooting at the ocean, in a forest, in a house, or in a studio. It's all good. Their goal is to break down the barriers that separate fashion, lifestyle, kids and advertising photography. Above all, their pictures are spontaneous true and full of love.

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