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Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery are a collaboration merging live art and digital literary practices. The work, which is visual, textual and choreographic, evolves through context-specific research and practice and always considers the constraints of a given venue or occasion. Site responsive considerations include the performance/exhibition space as well as the local community and online textual activity happening within the locale. A given piece is a body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately presented as internet art, durational live installation, an ongoing activity, or a performance of fixed length. The two Chicago-based artists were recently in residence at Hyde Park Art Center working between the studio and the venue's 10-screen digital facade to realize their latest digital text and performance-based project, The Precession: An 80 Foot Long Internet Art Performance Poem.

The boundaries between collaboration, curation, participation, and teaching are often blurred within Morrissey and Jeffery's multidimensional practice. Internet and performance-based works such as The Last Performance [dot org] (2008), The Labo(u)rs (2011), The Living Newspapers (2010), Trials with an Overhead View (2010/11), and The Precession (2010/11) all contain significant curated interventions engaging both seasoned performers and non-performers including physicists, astronomers, pole dancers and public volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, the two artists have collaborated on large-scale exhibitions including OPENPORT (2007), a month-long international festival of performance, sound, and language docked at Links Hall, and The Simulationists: Mixed Reality Performance (2011) at Rymer Gallery. These endeavors have each extended beyond the performance and exhibition space into symposia and lectures by artists and scholars taking place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and elsewhere. Morrissey's individual curatorial projects include Streamflow Conditions + TIMESTAMP (2009), an online international exhibition of electronic writing with a 24-hour live writing component. Jeffery co-curates the IN>TIME performance series at Chicago Cultural Center and its Incubation program to support emerging artists.

Morrissey and Jeffery's collaborative work has been presented throughout the US, UK, and Europe with recent venues including Lincoln Historical Quarters (UK) the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Hyde Park Arts Center, Center of Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Bergen Art Museum, House of World Cultures Berlin, Chicago Cultural Center, Brown University, and Firehouse 13. Both artists were also members of the seminal performance collective Goat Island, Jeffery as a performer and collaborator for 13 years, and Morrissey as an external collaborator on writing and digital art projects for 5.

Both artists teach at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mark in the Performance Department and Judd in the Art and Technology Studies and Writing departments

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