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Terry was born overseas into a military family. He spent his childhood in Europe & Asia. Settled in the Pacific Northwest in time to graduate from High School. There he began a love affair with still photography, that blossomed into a career in multi-image and video production. He worked for several years as an editor and cameraman in Seattle and Portland. Terry finally came to LA to pursue a motion picture career. He worked as a focus-puller on several TV series, “Silk Stalkings”, “Push”, plus many more. He moved to camera operator on “Silk Stalkings”, and then to Director of Photography on a reality series called “Arrest & Trial”. Now Terry has several 100 episodes of TV under his belt, along with numerous music videos, documentaries, and several award winning features. You can find his work on National Geographic, Discovery Ch, History Ch, VH1, among many others.
He is still pursuing the dream….

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