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Just Another Nerd is a production company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands - established in 2008. We create unique videos for the international film, fashion and advertising industries. We at Just Another Nerd are flexible, social and have great communications skills, which gives us the opportunity to interact with our clients in a personal manner.

Film, art, fashion, photography and trend influencers such as blogs are key inspirational factors that help us produce great imagery for each client. We like to help all of our clients express their brands and products. Whether the project is big or small, we consider every single project as an unique opportunity to excel and visualize the unexpected. We also offer to help clients by coming up with creative ideas to add to their concept or create concepts if needed.

Over the years we have been working for leading international brands such as ASICS, Fox Networks and MTV as well as local brands such as Ontfront and AutoTrack. The services we deliver with great enthusiasm are live action, 2D/3D animation and visual effects in forms of online commercials, music videos, corporate films and brand clips.

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