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Sean works in film, radio, documentary, sound and dance.

Sean is currently the ABC Open producer in the Illawarra.

Sean's key documentary works include the film TWO THIRDS SKY - ARTISTS IN DESERT COUNTRY, which traced the influence of the desert on five contemporary Australian artists, and for ABC Radio National's Hindsight program, the radio/on-line series RED DUST TRAVELLERS & ASIA OVERLAND, an ambitious study of Australian travel in the 20th Century. For Radio National Sean has most recently produced a series on Australian post-punk music, DO THAT DANCE, and an investigation of rock and punk music in Indonesia, SEARCH FOR THE KUDA.

Sean collaborates frequently with dance-performers, making the films SUNRISE AT MIDNIGHT & DIS-ORIENTAL with renowned butoh dancer Yumi Umiumare, and most recently the large-screen dance-installation MELANGKOLI ~ SEN SIAO, with the Tony Yap Dance Company and Indonesian performer Agung Gunawan.

Sean's mini audio-visual pieces (on vimeo) focus on the Asia-Pacific region, including the arid zones of the Australian continent. His blog, the Asia-Pacific Field Recording Forum, is an on-line project for the documentation of urban, rural, & natural environments in the Asia-Pacific. Tracing change, subtle & dramatic. Presenting soundscapes, short films, compositions, image galleries & essays for encountered sounds, cultures, people, places & moments.

Sean walks, camps in the desert, travels, and creates small abstract drawings to escape from the computer screen.

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