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Designer Jessica Humphrey and artist Jonathan Cammisa collaborate to create Victory Press, a collection of men's inner-city outdoors wear. Driven to fill a void in the outdoors market, Victory Press offers clothing with a modern approach that is also built to withstand the elements. Designed in Vinegar Hill, manufactured in New York City; the clothing is an homage to it’s environment.

Drawing inspiration from post modern art, prints and silhouettes of 80s skate and surf culture and the functionality, integrity and ideology of 90s outdoors wear, VP’s debut collection includes color block feather wale corduroy buttons downs, pleated front denim trousers, batik print short sleeve shirts, graphic tees, cotton nylon utility jackets, camper hats and waterproof nylon anoraks.

Design is headed up by Virginia Beach native Jessica Humphrey who previously designed apparel for some of the world's most iconic brands including Ralph Lauren, Elizabeth and James, Denim & Supply and Converse. Art Direction for Victory Press is overseen by artist Jonathan Cammisa who has previously worked with Mark Gonzalez, Vans, Altamont and Zoo York.

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