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OOHR is a one man design, direction and animation studio based in Sieradz, Poland. OOHR co-operate with many young and crative artists from different branches of art. OOHR is focuses on design, motion graphics, branding and of course post-production. OOHR do also lots of fun stuff like: draw, paint, illustrate, animate, create 3D visualization and animation. OOHR create: commercials, music video, shorts, film titles, ads, 3D graphic and animations, branding and identity, broadcast design and many more. OOHR perceive each project as an opportunity to create innovative work, to try and make something new. Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. So OOHR is open for collaborating with our clients. We believe that everyone has something interesting to say and OOHR want to help to make it real.

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