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Color in Space realizes it’s time to share its knowledge and know-how with ALL of you. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult to create beautiful spaces with COLOR!

Here is some brief and general information—rules of thumb, you may say--about color and its architectural application, which Emily Lauderback has captured in working with close to a thousand individuals. This information represents the foundation of what Emily and other Color in Space consultants use in their work. When we accept and follow these guidelines, the results are always natural, harmonious, and just generally feel good.

If this doesn’t empower you to do it yourself, a Color in Space consultant can always facilitate this process for you in a participating retail location. The Dwelling Palettes (available for sale through our website and participating retail locations) were created using this methodology and are another way to benefit from Color in Space’s expertise.

Emily is also available through her business, emily lauderback design & color consultation, for on-site home and commercial work. Contact her directly through her website.

Color in Space Inc. was founded by Emily Lauderback in 2005 after she had been working as an interior designer and color consultant for two years. During those first two years, Emily was also employed as a Math Coach within the Seattle Public School District training teachers on the most current curriculum and methodology. A methodology based in constructivism.

Her background in education and passion for empowering individuals is the mission behind Color in Space. It’s in Emily’s spirit to serve the masses, and Color in Space is her way of blending her decade-long education career and design work.

Emily discovered her inherent ability to create incredible spaces through remodeling and building houses of her own. A labor of love creating homes for her three daughters, Emily knows firsthand the personal investment this process takes. Through Color in Space, she strives to pass along that gift to everyone who desires their life to be as fulfilling as possible. That desire starts at home and can be nurtured by it!

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