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Rivka Stein is a Canadian Israeli filmmaker living in Vancouver. She was born on a kibbutz (communal farm) in Israel and moved to Canada with her parents in 1990. Her main interests lie in documentary filmmaking, women’s studies, anthropology, poetry, and folklore. She grew up on a steady diet of NFB films, thanks to the influence of her Canadian mother. When she was nine years old she watched a documentary film titled, The Musical Mariner: A Pacific Journey, about British adventurer, writer, ethnomusicologist, and composer David Fanshawe, which deeply impacted her life and inspired her to become a documentary filmmaker. She has studied anthropology and religious studies as well as Documentary and Small Unit Production. She has written, starred in and edited her own short documentary “Baranistan (Land of Rain): Life in the Lower Rainland”, about immigrant life in Vancouver. In 2007 she was the assistant editor of the documentary film “Christmas in Iraq. In 2008 she was the assistant editor for the demo “Spoils of War”, which went into production with the NFB. She is currently working on finding funding for her own documentary film “Bouquet of Exiles”, which explores the role of folktales and their place in modern, secular Israel.


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