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I am a photographer and filmmaker living in London. I am currently working on the project 1day6cities which you can see at 1day6cities.org. The description is below

1day6cities is a global time-lapse photography project taking place on the 11.11.11 in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Auckland, San Francisco and Sao Paulo. We are creating a unique twenty-four hour snapshot of this day across six very different cities around the globe. At exactly 00.00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT) photographers in each of these cities will capture their first image in an event that will see photographs being taken every minute, on the minute for the following 24 hours. The edited films and stills will then be shown together in 6 exhibitions, one in each of these cities. All collaborators will be fully credited. To do this we are building an international network of photographers and filmmakers. If you would like to join the project please check out the website and send us an email.


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