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  1. I think it's appalling that Vimeo still does not have closed captions as an option. You have been saying for the past year it is a feature you are working on. We replaced the trailer for "Bullied to Silence on our website with this comment.... **8/1/13-V
  2. Sorry, we don't yet have that feature but we are working on it. We're discussing that here:
  3. I need to add Subtitles "closed captions" to one of my video hosted in vimeo. Is there is any way so that i can do this. Please Help
  4. We encourage you to post your suggestions in our Feature Requests Forum:
  5. Thnak you. When can we expect this functionality to be incorporated in Vimeo player?
  6. You could add subtitles in your editing program and then replace the video file. Vimeo FAQ:
  7. Is there is any other work around for this.
  8. Unfortunately that is not possible at this time. Sorry about that!