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  1. anna giralt gris

    anna giralt gris Athens


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    I filmed my first documentary in Iran in 2002 and since then I continued filming in Iraq, Spain, Greece, Lebanon and Afghanistan among others. Currently I’m living in Athens, Greece. Filmé mi primer documental en Irán en 2002 y desde entonces he continuado rodando en Irak, España,…

  2. Chris Ava

    Chris Ava PRO World


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    Chris Ava was born before you were, and is likely to die before you as well. Raised by circus artists, spent her childhood riding Horses and Elephants.Worked as a lemur trainer, lion cub baby-sitter and trampoline artist. Age 5 wrote her first novella, and age 8 sold her first book now banned in most…

  3. cynic design

    cynic design Batam City, Indonesia


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    visuals_static & in motion

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