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  1. VFX

    by microCHANNEL joined

    436 Videos 228 Members

    Visual Effects Group

  2. Animation-vs-VFX-vs-Motiongraphics

    by FermiCG joined

    253 Videos 105 Members

    Exclusive groups for Animation and Visual effects tutorials and videos. You can submit your tutorials here. You can use any software used for creating animation and special effects.Selected videos…

  3. Houdini_tutorial

    by toey joined

    14 Videos 24 Members

  4. Houdini learning

    by Alex Czetwertynski joined

    34 Videos 20 Members

  5. Houdini Ref

    by BASE FX joined

    32 Videos 20 Members

  6. CG 3D

    by Damian Sitarek joined

    2,155 Videos 767 Members

    Video, reel, tutorial, vfx.

  7. FX.Houdini.Volumes

    by Muhittin Bilginer joined

    16 Videos 22 Members

    Volume related Houdini videos.

  8. procedurale

    by rdg joined

    269 Videos 476 Members

    The aim of this channel is to show up ways in which the practice, or rather practices, of proceduralism can be integrated into the work of digital artists. Apart from the obvious ways, in which…

  9. Houdini Procedural Projects

    by Sadjad Rabiee joined

    55 Videos 47 Members

    Houdini Procedural Projects and Interactive Stuffs In The Viewport.

  10. Houdini Official Tutorials

    by Jordi Bares joined

    36 Videos 179 Members

    A compilation of Official Houdini from Side Effects in one convenient group so you can enjoy it on your Apple TV or any other non-computer device.

  11. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix joined

    8,790 Videos 909 Members


  12. Houdini

    by Wachinont Honthaisong joined

    55 Videos 15 Members

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