Joel D'Alessandro

Seattle, WA

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Ever the hopeful romantic, the knight in slacker armor, my heart's on my sleeve. Am up for anything. What you see is what you get with me, a blunt and brutal optimist; the glass is always half full!

A former east coaster that was always a west coast dreamer. Kid at heart, my eyes are wide open! Love animals; yet the robotic minds of insects vex me... Am passionate about things in my life; art, writing, music, friends/family are some of these. Loyal, sometimes intense, I give a damn about things; the state of mind and of the world.

Yet am kind, honest, articulate, individualistic, highly communicative, and easy going. A very kind and young soul; my naive eyes are wide open. 5 things I cannot live without; a wifi connection, my MacBook and iPhone, art supplies and someone to love...cereal would have to be number 6.

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