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A Girl that draws, writes, cooks and shoots but is good at none of them.

Giulia, for her friends Iaia, is born on 12-12 at 12 o’clock. Her name is made of 12 letters and she is the twelfth niece in her family. She is persuaded of being the cause of the end of the world in 2012. She has 12 visual photography projects. She loves a man who speaks japanese and gives japanese names to everything. She listen to Hisaishi and Sakamoto and watches mainly far east films but loves Burton and Lynch. In her head there are only evil garden gnomes and imaginary white rabbits. She lives in Wonderland.

She collects fashion bags and phobias. Following the White Rabbit, she stops time with her cameras: Juni and Niju. She spends days baking cute food as cupcakes, muffins and cookies, giving them names and stories. She dreams of living in a place called Kokoroland where there are only heart shaped things and cartoon people made by her. She is vegetarian because she doesn’t eat friends, that is what eggs are also. They have philosophical and mystic meanings with their imperfect roundness. She is not a writer. She is not a cook. She is not a photographer. She is not a graphic. She is not a cartoonist. She is not a lawyer. She is not a doctor. She is not a hydraulic. She is not good at anything.

She is Giulia and nothing else.

She has a blog (in italian Language) Gi’s Kitchen

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