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A recurrent element of my projects and working processes is researching and developing proprietary media. I approach sociological and ecological issues by examining common perspectives. This examination results in objects, installations and interventions characterized by elements of bygone inventions, nomadic cultures, and sustainability. The essential components of my art come from discarded machines that I repurpose into new machines and which are reminiscent of pre-cinematic techniques. This juxtaposition reflects my interest in the differences between what is old and what is new, between reality and fantasy. My oeuvre is in general an analog and artisanal response to the digitalization of our era. One can say this statement has a romantic or melancholic mood towards the past, but that is not all. It is also somehow, a way to rehabilitate discarded technology which has a presence. I recover and re-contextualize a “machine” by means of showing new things without employing any circuit. Purely by using what the possibilities and the circumstances will provide. My work begins in designing new machines that incorporate the use of analog technology with the ideas of craftsmanship. Through this approach, I create contemporary variants of selected stories about events from the past while I tell hypothetical futures. I often take discarded materials attributed to different cultures, taking them out of context and refreshing them by their physical transformation. Optical Illusions and perception are essential in my artistic method. The images I project are often not clear at the beginning. There is the element of confusion; an initial disappointment and finally the possibility to explore amazement or surprise by what one sees. In resume, I am in constant search of unconventional uses of visual technology and other media. Despite the documentary possibilities of media, they can and do deceive".


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