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Matt graduated during the dotcom boom of the mid-‘90s and was heavily involved in digital Design and Art Direction for everything from start-ups to international brands. After working across Canada on brands such as Telus, Hard Rock Café, Eatons and the Vancouver Canucks, Matt completed his Bachelor in Design from OCAD and changed his focus to advertising.

He has since worked on national and international brands such as Bell Canada, Labatt, Honda, Acura and Frito Lay. Since joining MacLaren McCann, Matt has spearheaded website launches for GM’s Cadillac and Chevrolet Malibu, created a total brand identity for Bluenotes, and developed national multi channel campaigns for Staples, Buick, the Toronto Star, YMCA and Coca-Cola.

Matt is the Creative Director for the Toronto lifestyle brand The Baitshop where he is heavily involved in everything from the development of the clothing, advertising, video content and direction of the brand and all of it's moving parts.

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