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Michael "Rocket" Blackstone is the founder and CEO of SkyThrills! Michael has been flying since age 8, and has accumulated over 13,000 hours of flight time spanning his 25+ year flying career in mostly high performance aerobatic aircraft and jets. Michael has taught professionally the art and science of aerobatics and aerial combat for 20 years to literally over 4,000 students. His vast flying experience includes thousands of hours in high performance aerobatic piston aircraft and thousands of hours in Boeing 757-767 jet aircraft for a major airline. He is current in 5 different aircraft types at any given time and has flown all over the world. He has flown thousands of clients for Air Combat USA, his father's company, in the Marchetti SF-260 and has over 3,000 hours in this aircraft. Michael is now approaching the 1,000 hour mark in his Pitts S-2C and when he does, he will be in a very small group of pilots to attain that many hours in a Pitts. Michael has a gift for teaching aerobatics and he strives to be the best in the world at his craft. He reinvents himself and refines the teaching/learning process on a continuing basis year after year. This meticulous process makes SkyThrills what it is today, the best extreme thrill ride operation in the world.

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