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I am a fashion design undergraduate student, currently enrolled on the second year of the B.A Fashion Design Course at IUAV University of Venice.

I'm a keen observer, fond of the combination of colours, textures and materials with a deep sensitivity to all that is visual.
I like to experiment in every phase of a design project, looking for a fluidity and cohesion during the process.

I'm very meticulous and precise in tailoring and pattern making, working confidently in various fabrics and materials.
I am capable of following every aspect of the design process, from the initial research and design to the realization of the final piece.

I have a practical sense towards the design and production of a collection and a good ability to work to scedule and to a tight deadline.
Photography, digital design and manual drawing are my main appoach to research and to show my ideas and sometimes coexists in the collages that appear in my moodboard.


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