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Ryosuke Makita
Photographer&director of photography

Photographer Ryosuke Makita brings a unique artistry to fashion, advertisement, and celebrity photographs that combine diverse international experience.

His recent work includes fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Dazed and Confused Japan, nylon, Taiwanese vogue, GQ, Esquire Japan, rolling stone,harper`s bazaar. His works for magazines in Italy include,Rodeo, Caffe Latte. Galore in germany. As fashion company`s seasonal catalogue and camapaigns, Charles jourdan, Duvetica, Fila.American ragcie,

In 1976, born in Yokohama Japan, and growing up in Nagano, Ryosuke Makita’s fascination with photographs began at an early age. When he was 19 years old, he moved to Italy to prove himself, In 2002 he worked with M.A.O, the Atomo management artists in milan. In 2004 he went back to Japan, started working for Juice.
He is a multi-faceted artist who speaks Japanese, Italian, and English.

Eager to look beyond Italy and Japan, Makita began to concentrate his efforts on world-wide market. Makita has in a relatively short time brought to the table a directorial style that is the culmination of a lifetime of unique artistic influences.

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