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Nito Alvarado, self-taught photographer based in Lausanne Switzerland, has spent many years exploring the beauty of the human body, its expressions and secrets, through his photos.Successive courses with professionals have enabled him to enrich his artistic culture, and gain experience.

Since his first exhibition entitled "Women's Expressions" in Biel in 2004 where his efforts first paid off, he is on an ongoing stylistic journey.

Through observation, imitation, but above all an inner curiosity and search for new approaches he has created and found his very own way-and is yet working hard, in order to get better every single day.

Contact and warmth, playing, and the love for the human soul take a prominent place in his work.Through the expression of the soul, the human body becomes alive.Here's an extract of my work, human emotions reflected in the eye of the observer…face to face.

Nito Alvarado.

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