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After years of working for other people, companies and projects we formed A Squared Industries together as a way to pool our unique skill sets as well as experience, talent and motivation in just about every aspect of the music industry.

Our bread-and-butter is booking and promoting live concerts for artists that ‘matter.’

Working together with other promoters, artists, venues, bands, photographers, lifestyles accounts, tastemakers, bloggers and concertgoers here in Indianapolis we work hard to make Indy a destination for musicians and artists and to ensure that music lovers here attend not just another show, but come to something that is truly an event.

We have branched out and now we not only book and promote our own shows, but we also are hired to promote others’ events. We run an independent record store, we own and operate an independent record label, and we ourselves are accomplished vinyl DJs - check out our monthly party at The Lockerbie Pub in Indianapolis on the 1st Tuesday of every month!

Click around our website... check out all our upcoming concerts and enjoy the music on our record label. Don’t forget to buy indie and and help support our music and cultural scene!

What we do:
Record label
Concert booking/talent buying
Concert promotion
Concert production
Radio hosts on WITT 91.9FM
Street level marketing
Record store management
Live vinyl DJs
Graphic design
Marketing consulting

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