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Lutfi started his career in media the year 2005 as a reporter at PT Republika Media Mandiri. In
the beginning of 2008, he continued his career to NGO Centre For Orangutan Protection, as an
director, camera operator, photographer, field coordinator program, research. Some of his work
are published in the book titled The Ape Crusader, Sean Whyte, Halsgrove Publishing, October 10,
2011, UK. In 2010,

He joined Gekko Studio ( The multi Unit Of Perkumpulan Telapak ) as an Film
Director, Camera Operator. In the last 10 years, GEKKO STUDIO has produced a considerable
number of audio visual product associated with environmental issues and promotion of
community’s role in protecting and conserving their environment.

His footage has been used in News features and for programming on National Geographic Channel, Rettet den Regenwald, and a number of other major broadcasters.

At the present time, he is freelancer film director, camera person, active in documentary film
workshops in several state universities in Malang City, East Java and Currently working on a short film project PNPM Peduli 2013


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