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Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo, aka 13pulsions, was born in Colombia, from an Italian mother and
a Colombian father. The young artist has a master’s degree in psychology and is now perfecting his studies in psychoanalysis
and marketing. After his artistic debuts as a graffiti artist, he presently expresses himself through paintings and the creation
of fashion accessories or elements of decoration, using acrylic colours or sprays and markers. After several group exhibitions,
in Brussels, Madrid and Milan, 13pulsions took part in the last two editions of “Truc Troc” of Bozar . Since 2008, he exhibits
permanently at the Brussels’ gallery Artemptation. In this quality, he has taken part in an exhibition where, among others,
Denis Meyers was represented, as well as in a number of exhibitions in Brussels and Paris. Last August, he was invited to
participate in the exhibition Plastic explosive, which took place in the annex to the Gésu Church in Brussels.
“The street is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the painter Manuel Francisco Murillo. His a-typical characters are
the results of chance encounters on the road, in different cities of the world. Their faces, often with dark complexions and
intense expressions, communicate human interest stories. For his portraits Manuel Francisco makes use of the graffiti technique
in keeping with his artistic origins related to the urban fabric.
With his passion for psychology and the study of human psyche, Manuel Francisco injects life into his women and men who
are portrayed as unique and at the same time complex characters.”

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