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Hey. Name as you can read is Kyle Polo but as us internet people go some of us have other names. My other name is FreakGamer. Call me what you like. Also yes Polo is my real name and I have been told that I am in fact related to Marco Polo. I have been called Marco Polo my whole life so if you want to call me that go ahead. Call me whatever you like, I have heard about every insult and get called them regularly so I don't even care anymore.

I dabble in some video making. Most of my videos have to do with me and my friends. We don't have that good of a camera and we have very little battery life and not great picture. We also have poor video editing equipment(Windows movie maker) But we have a good time making them and thats what matters. We are full of ideas but never get around to making any good videos. Hopefully something good soon. Hopefully.

As for me as a person as one of my names implies I am a Gamer. I have been gaming as long as I can remember and do it often. Every now and then my videos some how relate to video games. Also I am a big nerd. I don't care. Anyway I'm gonna upload some videos hope you like them.

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