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  1. 01:05:22


    by Brett L. Schuchert

    3 Videos

    A simple dice game used to demonstrate TDD in C++ using CppUTest and the Eclipse CDT.

  2. 01:38:35


    by Brett L. Schuchert

    5 Videos

    iPhone development using TDD.

  3. 05:05:26


    by Brett L. Schuchert

    4 Videos

    Talks on Legacy Refactoring

  4. 01:39:46

    Paginator Kata

    by Brett L. Schuchert

    4 Videos

    The paginator kata done 3 different ways: Along with a refactoring to demonstration moving functionality around.

  5. 03:16:09


    by Brett L. Schuchert

    11 Videos

    All videos in this series, ordered in the intended watching order.

  6. 02:07:34


    by Brett L. Schuchert

    6 Videos

    A series of videos on creating the shunting yard algorithm in C# using Resharper, Visual Studio 2008 and TDD.

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