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  1. In case anyone else like me is watching this long after the original program, the slides are at: Details: http://thespaceshow.wordpre
  2. Hi, Chometropic, Taurus66 on the fractalforums who I think is Torsten Stier himself, has just told me that the original video is CC, and is here: See:
  3. This is the playlist of all the videos and tunes with many of your animations in it, all of course attributed to you as per your creative commons license (ran into the limit for length of a comment)
  4. HI Don, great animation :). Thought you'd like to know, I've used it for one of the fractal tunes from Tune Smithy, it gives a very different feel, you might like the result :) The two seem a natural fit, these 3D fractals and the fractal music…
  5. hey Chometropic, thanks that's brilliant :). I've put Torsten Stier's name in the credits and added a note to the end of the video comment to explain the situation.
  6. Hi, I see you've changed the license to Share Alike non commercial. So, you might be interested, this is the remix I did: Here it is with another audio track. I'm…