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Itonje Søimer Guttormsen (f.1979)
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Itonje works with film, scene & music. She's educated as a filmdirector at The National Filmschool of Norway (2008), and has a variated background in the filmbuisness before this, alongside studies in art, philosophy and theatre theory at the University of Oslo.

She produces most of her works under the lable ANDROPIA and is currently working on the development of a fiction short, RETRETT, and a ritual performance (EDEN, Oslo).
She is the artistic leader of ByFlimmer, a filmart festival (WUXIA), and runs a choire (KORET).

Itonje has produced works both inland and outland during the past years, naming Kjærringøy, Kvinesdal, New York, København, St Erme, Berlin, Verdal & Harare.

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