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  1. Passion Paris

    Passion Paris PRO Paris


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    Société indépendente de films courts, longs et de projets publicitaires, multi-récompensée, Passion Pictures est la seule société de production ayant gagné en même temps l'oscar du court- métrage d’animation «The lost…

  2. Zoe Chavez

    Zoe Chavez Mexico City


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    I love graphic design and am fascinated with the way it can influence the lives and minds of the people. For the past decade, I've been exploring editorial design, art, animation, motion and graphics. But now I'm totally dedicated to new media, video and art for TV & cinema.

  3. martin de thurah

    martin de thurah Plus copenhagen, london, new york


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    Specialties: directing, drawing, braining, watching, consulting, discussing, painting, designing, sirup, food.

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