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Phillip Guzman began his career with The Lawless, a crime/thriller completed with a budget of only $7,500, collecting multiple awards on the way to international distribution and industry disbelief for what he was able to accomplish on such a small budget. Desdemona: A Love Story was Guzman’s sophomore film, which won numerous awards including Best Feature at the Naples International Film Festival, and Best Feature, Best Cinematography & Best Actor at the Boston Film Festival. Guzman immediately followed Desdemona with 2:22, an action-packed heist film featuring such veteran actors as Val Kilmer & Gabriel Byrne (a sequel is currently in development). His latest film, A Kiss and a Promise, has recently been completed and premiered to rave reviews at the Cinequest Film Festival, followed by a special presentation at the Dallas International Film Festival and a limited theatrical run in Los Angeles. After seeing Promise, Jeffrey Reddick (creator of the Final Destination franchise) personally endorsed Phillip as his choice to helm the author’s newest horror franchise, Dead Awake.

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