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Motion Graphics, 3D Animation & Video Editing Professional

A skilled editor of corporate videos, conference openers and stings. Proficient in all motion graphics and post-production disciplines and knowledgeable in After Effects & Motion. An adept 3D modeller and animator with a creative flair for visualisation.

Presentation Graphics Specialist

An expert in the field of event speaker support, well versed in all areas of on-screen creation utilising PowerPoint and Keynote to the highest level. Talented at creative PowerPoint enhancement, pre-production, speaker rehearsal and on-site operation.

DTP, Pitch Creation & Visualisation Expert

A wealth of understanding and ability formatting pitch documents, on-screen presentations, 3D visualisations and artist impressions. Versatile enough to meet the most challenging of client expectations. Previous experience with agency deadlines and workflows. A good team player.

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