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  1. Could you please release the source code? I want to play with this thing. I have an aversion to papers (possible because they are so dry). Reading them is as painful as jerking off a cactus.
  2. Carl Beam commented on Missile Defense
    Now if you make a game out of this and make the graphics actually look pretty. Think of the money you could make ;)
  3. So DuckDuckGo, What is the catch ? People will figure it out sooner or later so come on spill it, The other possibility is this is all true and no catch but when you get big you go evil. That is what happened with google. I will not even bother…
  4. When i hear "try X because Y is Z" I first verify that "Y is Z" because illegal false advertisements are everywhere, no one in their right mind would trust an internet ad for instance. After that my question is: "What's the catch?" With google…
  5. Why have you not uploaded this movie yet ?! I can't find it anywhere :(
  6. A good way to destroy a movie experience. This will just become like another form of ads. You turn on your internal mute function.