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Megawords is a non-commercial record of place and human experience.

Our mission is simple: to document our surroundings, experience, to have a voice free from the noise of commercialization and competing novelties, and to create an open and active dialogue between Megawords and the community at large. We have self-published twelve free issues, broadcast a weekly internet radio show, and organized multiple events and performances under the banner of Megawords. With time came positive feedback from a diverse audience and a strong realization that this project had a profound impact.

Through the magazine, we have worked with a number of intriguing artists, photographers, designers, writers and creative people in a collaborative and direct manner. Each issue has its own aura and direction, yet remains integral to the Megawords aesthetic and mission. A new context for the allocated and appropriated images and ideas coming from our contributors and ourselves is created, and in turn a unique and timely outlook on society and our time is presented.

Megawords continues to be an experiment in contemporary media and communication, and strives to provide a relevant and critical contribution to the art of our time.

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