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  1. Hi Philip, I know this village on the island of Tana. I was photographer on a French series a few years ago and we filmed several scenes here . It's funny, nothing has changed! I recognize the huge banyan and homes. Have you seen the volcano?
  2. Very good ! Which Leica M Summilux lenses did you use ? Did you have a metabones adapter with the lenses?
  3. duol commented on Problem Solved
    Hi, which lenses did you use ? Thanks
  4. What's your feedback about this camera ? Did you bought the extension unit ? Have you tested it with other prime lenses (canon CN, Schneider Xenon, Zeiss CP2...) or with the sony 28-135 F:4 zoom? Thanks
  5. Hi, thanks for the shots. Did you use a metabones speedbooster ultra with ? Your lenses was wide open or not ?